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True Love '95 is a adult anime game (also known as Hentai game, or Dating Sim) for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP.

You play the role of a high school student (although they call it "college" in the game) in Meiai College. Your goal is to find your true love (hence the title) in three months (July, August, September). At the end of those three months, you choose which girl to propose your love to, and hope that she says "yes".

In order to be successful with the girl of your choice, you have to skillfully manage your statistics: Passion, Appearance, Scholarship, Physical Strength, Art and Fatigue. To do so, you choose the activities you want to do each day: One in the morning (when there is no school), one in the afternoon, and one at night.

Here is a list of the different activities you can do:

  • Study: As you can guess, it improves your Scholarship
  • Fashion: It improves your appearance.
  • Sports: Increases your physical strength
  • Work: Brings you 3000 Yen.
  • Pleasure: You just go out in town.
  • Break: Decreases your fatigue.
  • Shopping: Enables you to buy items
  • Promise: Go on a date that you have previously set up with a girl.

A very interesting thing is that if you work hard enough in a particular discipline, its god will appear in your sleep and give you a boost in that particular stat.

You have a choice of 8 girls that you might lay:

  • Mikae Morikawa: She is your childhood friend and you classmate. Her age is 18.
  • Remi Himekawa: She is the top of the class as well as your classmate. She is 18.
  • Miyuki Tanaka: She is your classmate and likes liberal arts a lot. She has health problems. Her age is 18.
  • Mayumi Kamijo: She is your classmate. She likes to hang out around the love hotel district. She is 18 years old.
  • Chiemi Fujimoto: She is your classmate and the captain of the girls swimming team. She does not like insects. Her age is 18.
  • Misako Sayama: She is a cute woman you found in town. Her occupations are unknown. She is 24 years old.
  • Ryoko Shimazaki: She is your classmate in the second term (September). Her occupations are unknown. Her age is 18.
  • Arisa Miyoshi: She is a cute girl that looks much younger than what she really is. She is the sister of one of your friends. Her age is 18.
  • Yumi Matsumiya: She is your teacher and also tutors you in biology. A rumor says that she is engaged with Mikisaki, the english teacher. Her age is 25.
  • Anze: I don't know much about her.

Here is a list of the items you can buy:
For yourself:

  • Energy Drink (3000 Yen): Reduces fatigue and increases physical strength.
  • Study Book (3000 yen): Increases scholarship.
  • Art Book (3000 yen): Increases art.
  • Adult Magazine (3000 yen): Increases passion and reduces fatigue.
For a girlfriend:
  • Accessory (6000 yen)
  • Cuddly Toy (6000 yen)
  • Flowers (9000 yen)
Unusual items:
  • Rabbit pendant (500 yen): Increases appearance and art
  • Misanga of passion (3000 yen): Increases passion.
  • Wisemans jeans (12000 yen): Increases passion, appearance, scholarship, physical strength, and art
  • Wings of an angel (10000 yen): Appears only in July. Increases passion.
  • Red Bracelet (10000 yen): Appears only in August. Increases luck.
  • Golden Frog (20000 yen): Appears only in September. Appears to be a waste of money.

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