AG: Add Gibberish
AGO: Allow Games Only
AII: Add Insult to Injury
APX: Apply Power and eXplode
ARG: Agree to Run Garbage
ASBM: Add Soap to Bubble Memory
ASPR: Arithmetic Shift Passwords Right
BA: Branch Approximate
BBL: Branch on Burned out Light
BDC: Break Down and Cry
BEQ: Buy EQuipment
BFM: Branch on Full Moon
BFP: Blow Front Panel
BGL: Branch and Goto Lunch
BH: Branch and Hang
BIB: Branch If Branch if branch...
BLI: Branch and Loop Infinite
BNE: Buy Non-IBM Equipment
BOMB: Burn Out Memory Banks
BOZO: Use Multics operating system
BPB: Branch on Program Bug
BPP: Branch Pretty Please
BSO: Branch Sort Of
BW: Branch on Whim
BYEBYE: Store in Write-Only Storage
BZR: Branch if piZza Ready
CAO: Compare Apples to Oranges
CBA: Compare if Biorhythms Amenable
CCC: Crash if Carry Clear
CCP: Clear Core and Proceed
CDC: Clear Disks and Crash
CEQ: Corrupt and Erase Queue
CLOUT: Call Long-distance On Unused Telephone
CM: Circulate Memory
CMN: Convert to Mayan Numerals
COMB: Straighten Wires
CPE: Create Parity Error
CPM: Change Programmer's Mind
CPP: Crush Plotter Pen
CRN: Compare to Random Number
CSD: Charge Surreptitiously to DOE
CSF: Charge to NSF
CWB: Carry With Borrow
D: Detonate
DC: Divide and Conquer
DCBP: Detonate Chair on Bad Password
DCVP: Destroy another Computer Via Phone-link
DMK: Destroy Memory-protection Key
DMZ: Divide Memory by Zero
DNC: Do Not Collect $200
DNPG: Do Not Pass Go
DO: Deadstart Operator
DPC: Double Precision Crash
DPN: Double Precision No-op
DSO: Do Something or Other
DST: Deadlock System Tables
DTF: Dump Tape to Floor
DTFS: Dump Tape to Floor and Shred
DUL: Delete Utility Library
EBO: Emulate Brown-Out
ED: Eject Disk
EF: Emulate Fireworks
EFB: Emulate Five-volt Battery mode
EFBI: Emulate Five-volt Battery Intermittently
EIV: Erase IPL Volume
EOS: Erase Operating System
EROS: Erase Read-Only Storage
ESBD: Erase System and Burn Documentation
ESC: Emulate Small Child
ESR: Emulate Slide Rule
ETO: Emulate Toaster Oven
FA: Failsafe Armed
FCE: Fill Core with Epoxy
FD: Failsafe Disarmed
FLR: Flash Lights Randomly
FR: Flip Record
FSE: Fake Serious Error
FSM: Fold, Spindle and Mutilate
FSRA: Forms Skip and Run-Away
GLV: Ground the Line Voltage
GME: Generate Meaningless Error
GSI: Garble Subsequent Instruction
HAL: Murder Operator
HBT: Harvest Binary Tree
HCF: Halt and Catch Fire
HCFI: Halt and Catch Fire Immediate
HEM: Hide Evidence of Malfunction
HSJ: Hop, Skip and Jump
IA: Illogical And
IAI: Ignore All Instructions
IAM: Increase Amperage Above Maximum
IBLU: Ignore Basic Laws of Universe
IG: Insert Garbage
IIB: Ignore Inquiry and Branch anyway
IKI: Ignore Keyboard Input
IML: Invoke Murphy's Laws
IO: Illogical Or
IOP: Insult OPerator
IPL: Invent Program Lines
IXM: Initiate X-rated error Messages
JSP: Jump on Sexy Programmer
JTC: Jump To Conclusions
JUM: Jeer at User's Mistake
KFP: Kindle Fire in Printer
L: Lie!
LA: Lockout Access
LAG: Load and Garble
LB: connect Line-voltage to BITNET
LC: [Lobotomize[ CPU
LCD: Launch Cartridge Disk
LD: Lose Device
LINO: Last In, Never Out mode
LJD: Lock Job on Disk
LOOP: (go to LOOP)
LOW: Launch on Warning
LTT: Lose Timing Track
MAW: Make Aggravating Whine
MBR: Move Bits Randomly
MC: Melt down Core
MD: Move and Drop bits
MET: Misread and Eat Tape
MFC: Mangle Following Command
MII: Mask all Interrupts and then Interrupt
MT: Muddle Through
MTP: MounT Programmer
MW: Multiply Work
NBR: Unconditional No BRanch
NBRM: Unconditional No BRanch Multiple
NNI: Neglect Next Instruction
NOP: Randomize the PSW and then branch
OY: Vey
OKP: On your Knees and Pray!
PBC: Print and Break Chain
PBF: Pay Bus Fare
PBT: Prune Binary Tree
PDH: Page to Disk for the Hell of it
PFM: Pray For Miracle
PHP: Put Hackers into Privileged mode
PIC: Permute Instruction Codes
PMT: Punch Magnetic Tape
PNG: Pass Noxious Gas
PO: Punch Operator
POI: Power Off Intermittently
PRM: PRint Money
PS: Pirate Software
PSM: Print and SMear
PSP: Push Stack Pointer
PUS: PUrge System
PWB: Put to Waste Basket
QVC: Question Valid Command
Recursive: (see Recursive)
RAI: Randomize Accounting Information
RBR: Remove Bits Randomly
RBT: Rewind and Break Tape
RC: Rewind Core
RCM: Randomly Corrupt Microcode
RCR: Rewind Card Reader
RCS: Read Card Sideways
RDL: Rotate Disk Left
RDLI: Rotate Disk Left Immediate
RDR: Rotate Disk Right
RDRI: Rotate Disk Right Immediate
REP: Randomly Execute Programmers
RG: Read inter-record Gap
RIW: Re-Invent Wheel
RJT: Read and Jam Tape
RLB: Ruin Logic Board
RLBM: Ruin Logic Board Multiple
RLBMI: Ruin Logic Board Multiple Indexed
RNC: Re-Number Channels
RP: Read Printer
RPM: Read Programmer's Mind
RPSW: Randomize Program Status Word
RSC: Rewind System Clock
RTS: Rewind Tape and Shred
RWD: Rewind Disk
SARTRE: (Statement has no purpose)
SBB: Store in Bit Bucket
SCS: Spurious Cold Start
SCEU: Simulate Correct Execution, Usually
SD: Self Destruct
SDD: Scratch Disk and Die
SDJ: Send all Data to Japan
SDL: Shift Disk Left
SDLI: Shift Disk Left Immedite
SDP: Search and Destroy Pointer
SDR: Shift Disk Right
SDRI: Shift Disk Right Immediate
SDS: Sort of Do Something
SEOB: Set Every Other Bit
SFA: Seek Financial Assistance
SG: Show Garbage
SGD: Spin and Granulate Disks
SHP: Solve Halting Problem
SM: Sear Memory
SNARF: System Normalize And Reset Flags
SOD: Scribble On Disk
SPAT: Show Passwords on All Terminals
SPDS: Scramble PDS
SRZ: Subtract and Reset to Zero
SSAN: Stop, and See if Anyone Notices
SSD: Scramble Segment Directory
SSN: Set Serial Number
SSU: Screw the System Users
ST: Scratch Tape
START: Cancel preceding jobs in queue
STBR: Scratch Tape Before Reading
SVC: Swindle, Violate and Corrupt
SVE: Skip on Vernal Equinox
TCP: Terminate Control Program
TDB: Transfer and Drop Bits
TIO: Take It Over
TOAC: Turn Off Air Conditioner
TSZ: Thus Spake Zarathustra
TVO: Type Various Obscenities
UBC: Use Bad Chip
UDF: Use Disk for Frisbee
ULC: Undo Last Command
UTD: Unravel Tape into Drive
VAX: Change vendor immediately (See BNE)
VDP: Violate Design Parameters
VMB: Verify, then Make Bad
WAF: Warn After the Fact
WBT: Water Binary Tree
WC: Wind Clock
WDS: Warp Drive, Scotty!
WE: Write and Erase data
WFL: Wave FLag
WK: Write to Keyboard
WNR: Write Noisy Record
WROM: Write to Read Only Memory
WRTJ: Who Reads This Junk?
WWLR: Write Wrong Length Record
XA: Execute Address field
XER: Exclusive ERror
XI: Execute Invalid op-code
XID: Exchange Instructions with Data
XM: Exclusive Maybe
XO: Execute Operator
XYZZY: Branch and Play Adventure
YII: Yield to Irresistable Impulse
YOGA: Exit Finite-State Mode
ZCFH: Zero Core For the Hell of it

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