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His boner is known to penetrate concrete and bullet-proof glass...
City Hunter

The famous Japanese mangaka Tsukasa Hojo was born May 5th, 1959 on Kyushu, Japan. Unlike some of his collegues, he always refused to conform with western tastes in his manga, staying true to the original japanese school of manga, a fact that made his stories more interesting to western audiences in the end. He is an outstanding author who knows how to fit his ideas into the strict japanese forms of traditional manga.

While studying technical design, he discovered his passion for drawing and started working as a caricaturist. In 1979, he won the second place in the "Tezuka grand price" with his first manga Space Angels.Following that, he worked with Shueisha and created Cat's Eye in the early eighties, which was made into a popular anime in 1983.

In 1983 he created the basic concept for his best known work, City Hunter, and published two short episodes of it. The series really started in 1985 and ran until 1991 with a total of 35 volumes. This manga was also adapted into an anime, which had four seasons from 1988-1991. This manga was immensely popular, Hojo having perfected his drawing style, and so it was no wonder that City Hunter soon gained fans outside of Japan, which also led to the real-action movie starring Jackie Chan. In Japan, the popularity knew no bounds either, with Ryo Saeba being voted as most popular manga character of the year almost every year of the run of the manga in Shonen Jump.

Aside from writing City Hunter, Hojo also wrote some other stories at the same time, such as Splash (1987-1989), Tenshi no okurimono (1988) and Taxi Driver (1990). He even tried his hand at romantic stories such as Sukara no Hana Sakukoro (1992) and Komorebi no moto de (1993). Following those series, he wrote the more dynamic Rash! and the war epic Melody of Jenny. His final work for Shueisha was Family Compo (1997-2000), which is a comedy revolving around a young boy, who after the death of his parents is adopted by a family of transvestites.

In 2001 he co-founded the manga magazine Comics Bunch with a friend of his, leaving Shueisha behind, a move which caused a lot of bad feelings at Shueisha. His new manga, Angel Heart, a parallel universe sequel to City Hunter is currently being published by Bunch. This manga is once again breaking records of popularity, ensuring the survival of the new magazine.

City Hunter is currently being published in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan and many more countries. In the USA, it is published in the american Bunch sister-mag Raijin Comics.

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