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The residence hall I lived in last year Macalester College. First-year dorm built in 1957, Co-ed by room, houses 139 students by design, but currently holds many more, as can be read about below. Mostly double rooms, but has a few triples. The 4th floor was combustion free until a campus-wide no-combustion policy was implemented following a fire in Doty Hall.

We there in Turck suffered from tiny rooms, ugly linoleum floors which seemed to have an endless supply of dust waxed in, and pathetically inadequate laundry facilities (3 washers and 3 dryers. However, we enjoyed big windows, sinks in our rooms, and our position adjacent to The Fishbowl, perhaps one of the better-known landmarks here at Mac.

A little update on Turck: this year, unexpectedly, more accepted students than usual decided to come to Macalester. Additionally, the improved food in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center caused more juniors and seniors to stay on campus. This left Res Life (the department that manages the dorms) in a bit of a pinch for rooms. Their solution was to convert some lounges into rooms, mostly triples. For now, the third and fourth floors no longer have lounges, but the guys within (on Turck 3 anyhow) are usually pretty courteous about letting people use the stove and microwave. Rumor has it that next semester, when some people have dropped out or moved out, they'll have to move and we'll have a lounge again.

For the first few weeks, as a replacement lounge, we first-years developed a "chill-de-sac" at the end of the hall, stocking it with miscellaneous chairs, decorating the walls with posters and funny pictures we clipped out. Though it was cramped, people even from other floors came by to hang out. Until one of the demonic RAs from another floor demanded its removal because of some farcical "fire hazard." And now we have nowhere to "chill." And Internet access is terrible. Boo!

As of now, Turck has a pretty darned high noder quotient. Beside the esteemed qousqous' former inhabitation, both I and m_turner's younger sister sarita live here on Turck 3.

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