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Turkey Teas are not at all what they sound like they are. Here in Newfoundland, they're a cold plate type dinner that Churches sell tickets for and either deliver to your house, or you pick up at the church. They come in styrofoam or cardboard boxes and they contain everything you need for your meal, except milk for your tea and coffee.The Ladies group and the Men's association are the usual culprits.

A good Turkey Tea consists of cold cooked turkey meat (white and dark), potato salad (plain with paprika for colour, mustard or beet) , coleslaw, sometimes some boiled ham, tomato and lettuce and a roll. Fork and knife, salt and pepper, cranberry sauce and butter are all included. Oh, and there's usually a slip of paper inside with grace printed on it. (It is a fundraiser for a church you know.) Some also include a tea bag, a packet of instant coffee and some sugar. There's always a bag of 2 or 3 cookies in there too for dessert.

A not-so-good Turkey Tea has turkey roll (that salty fake turkey sandwich meat) instead of real turkey, corn salad, and/or pineapple in the coleslaw.

They used to cost about $5 each when I was small, but I don't know what they cost now. That was all profit for the church since most of the ingredients were donated.

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