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Boise-based band Built to Spill's Doug Martsch penned a song entitled "Twin Falls" for their 1994 album There's Nothing Wrong With Love. Later, Ben Folds Five would cover it live on their album Naked Baby Photos. At a Ben Folds show I was privileged to attend, incidentally at Boise, he asked for what he should play next. "Freebird!" Then somebody in the front row told him this tune here. He mentioned he hadn't played it in years, and he used to sing Freebird when people requested it but then played TF after hearing it for the first time. It's truly a beautiful song.

Harrison Elementary is an elementary school in Twin Falls, Idaho, which is (for reference) about 150 miles south by northeast of Pocatello, an hour and a half north by southeast of Boise, and maybe three hundred miles north of Salt Lake City. Twin Falls is an okay town, though there isn't, admittedly, a whole lot to do. Besides the ubiquitous chains (there's a Fred Meyer, Costco, Winco, and so on...) there's a nice Thai food place called A Taste of Thai. Twin Falls' claim to fame is perhaps that Evel Knievel attempted to jump Snake River Canyon. (He didn't succeed.) The man who created the Les Paul Guitar lived there for a few months before he died, with his daughter. Nikki Sixx attended high school in Jerome (outside Twin Falls, where I lived for two years) for a bit. Gary Puckett graduated from Twin Falls High. There was a movie entitled Twin Falls, Idaho released a while ago. (Anybody else know Twin Falls for something?)

Twin Falls
Built to Spill
There's Nothing Wrong With Love (1994)
Words and music by Doug Martsch

Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory
She was only two
It was the first time she felt blue

Cafeteria, Harrison Elementary
Beneath a parachute
I saw her without shoes
7Up I touched her thumb and she knew it was me
Although she couldn't see
Unless of course she peeked

My mom's good, she got me out of Twin Falls, Idaho
Before I got too old
You know how that goes
That's where she still was the summer she turned 17
In 1983, two weeks after me
Last I heard was she had twins or maybe it was three
Although I've never seen
But that don't bother me

thanks to: icicle for some info

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