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So I guess there was a fight between Myzery's posse and Twiztid's posse at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos in Toledo, OH.

Myzery (former Psychopathic Records artist) was talking shit to Vampiro (Yeah, the wrestler) at the Radisson next to the Seagate Center. Myzery hit Vampiro. Vampiro went and told Jamie (member of Twiztid and Jamie opened his door to find Myzery outside in the hall with his boys doing lines of cocaine. Jamie asked him "What the fuck is your problem?" Myzery took a swing at Jamie and missed. Blaze (on the same label as Twiztid) came out of the room and he choke out Myzery's boy Minority and then Myzery's boys and bodyguards jumped on Blaze and Pickles (?) while Myzery was trying to stab Monoxide (the other half of Twiztid). Myzery had some scissors and was about to stab Monoxide and right when he tried to, some juggalos ran up on him and pulled him away and beat him down.

No one was seriously injured except Minority, who ended up with a broken nose and jaw. Blaze had a couple bruises on his forehead. Myzery and all his boys got away.

-paraphrased from a statement by BrandonYaDeadHomie

For some reason I stopped and knocked on Jamie Madrox's and Monixide's room when I entered I got the full story I will tell you what I was told. While the last song of Dark lotus played Myzerys crew where mad drunk and were talking shit to one of Twiztids homies. So after the set Blaze and Twiztid went straight to Myzerys room to confront hom and ask what was there fucking problem. Before you knew it one of Myzerys crew came out and tried to stab Blaze and Monixide with a knife. After awhile Blaze and Twiztid got the best of Myzery and his crew and got out of there. Blaze had a couple of cuts but his dead so it didn't hurt to much and basically everyone had a bruise or two. The end is that Myzery will never be apart of another Psychopathic event unless it's "Who can smash Myzerys face in the most contest" anyway he's going to do his thing and stay as none famous as he is now. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

-from Southern Crumpet, maintainer of the Psychopathic Records daylog at http://www.insaneclownposse.com/~asylum.

There's also rumors that the beef between Vampiro and Myzery started when Myzery beat down some 13-year-old juggalo.

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