Two first seasons of a sitcom from ABC about the uneventful day to day life of Pete (played by Richard Ruccolo), Berg (Ryan Reynolds) and Sharon (Traylor Howard). Pete and Berg are sharing a flat below Sharon and are working at the local pizza place Beacon Street Pizza while finishing their studies. Sharon earns good money working in the public relations department of a large nameless chemical company.

Other characters include Bill, Pete and Bergs manager at the pizza place, and Mr.Bauer, lovable weirdo. Great fun because of the excellent acting and great punchlines of Ryan Reynolds as Berg.

Created by Rick Wiener and Kenny Schwartz, former writers for Mad About You. Lost most of it appeal when ABC wanted it to focus on the three main characters and changed it to Two Guys and a Girl.

Jeremy, a tall guy with blonde hair just long enough to look messy, sat on the arm of an uncomfortable-looking blue lounge that was only meant for two people. He sat cross-legged, his brand new MacBook Pro balanced on the upper one. His left hand rested on his keyboard, his right held a paper coffee cup. Derrin, a red-haired Russian sat beside him on the lounge proper, legs crossed and feet resting on a coffee table in front of him. His shirt was unbuttoned. His left hand sported a cup of instant noodles, and his right a plastic fork. As he ate, he described the latest modifications to his electric scooter project. On the right sat Amy, a girl with short, dark hair, flicking through the pages of the morning's 'Tiser, occasionally glancing at Derrin. Glancing at his watch as he did this time every day, he suddenly announced, "Hey, it's Leet O'clock". Lifting his eyes to the window once again, he stared almost wistfully at a tall, blue building about fifty metres away. "We have to try and get up there some day."

A few minutes later, Jeremy opened the fire escape door at the top of a set of stairs, and cautiously poked his head inside. He was breathing heavily, but his agility was unaffected. "Ok", he threw the door wide open and motioned with his head. Derrin and Amy followed him into a room roughly the size of a king-size bed, Derrin wielding his scooter. The door swung shut on an automatic closer, and Amy stopped it with her foot just before it slammed. All was silent bar the three's breathing, the whir of an air conditioning unit's motor, and staticky background chatter from a radio scanner on Jeremy's belt. A quick survey of the room revealed a beige coloured metal box on one wall, a communications cabinet built into the wall opposite it, and a dark-green door directly in front of them. On the door was a yellow "ionising radiation" sign that read "Do not stand in front of the dishes".

Jeremy tried the handle. He raised his eyebrows as it swung down at his touch. "Dude, what the f***?", Derrin whispered, "It's unlocked". "Yeah, it's been known to happen before", Amy replied quietly. Jeremy opened the door a few inches and peered out the crack, "PIR". A few seconds later, "No cameras, come on". The door opened further, and the trio slipped out. Pressed against the wall, they moved directly under the motion sensor to the edge of the parapet, Derrin on his scooter. They lay flat and looked over. A "Whoo" came from Amy, a deep breath from Jeremy, and an "That's just awesome" from Derrin.

After they had been laying there for a few minutes gazing over the city, Derrin spoke again, "I wish there was somewhere decent around here to get pizza, we could be eating some right now"

For the record, that door has never been left unlocked again to my knowledge.

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