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A 7" EP by Foibles, a San Francisco lo-fi band, distributed by Cool Beans in a limited run of 300 copies. The record includes a collaboration on Novocaine Wurlitzer with asa, who plays accordion.

The songs are slightly more refined than those on Solid Rock Baptist Church Rummage Sale, with slightly better recording and more intricate instrumental parts. The lyrics continue to make very little sense, and there are fewer frantic songs (Trophies For Chipmunks excluded).

Track List

  1. Animated Opening Credits Sequence

    Let's all go to super happy fun town
    Then we'll have a super happy fun time
    The EP opens with this bouncy track, which starts with a fast chorus, featuring the standard Foibles layered vocal. The chorus is then repeated slowly, gradually speeding up to a cacophony.

  2. Novocaine Wurlitzer

    This song is ostensibly about a family holiday at a beach resort. It interestingly has two lead instruments, fuzzy acoustic guitar and accordion. The vocal line is sung extremely fast in the verse, but it doesn't matter too much: the lyrics are nonsense anyway.

    Someone's hot
    The water's fine
    Someone dropped in 30 feet onto their head

  3. Is Not Pammy (Part One)

    Models paint your tethered lip gloss
    Dismal model students vandalise the treason in your smile
    A 40-second song, this is the only Foibles track so far with a piano part. It's fairly slow and has great vocal harmonies.

  4. Modern American Scenes for Student Actors

    One of only a couple of songs on the EP with a clear meaning, this is a diatribe against a pretentious drama student.

    No-one asked but you answered three questions
    Do I sparkle? Do I stick out? Do I shine?

  5. Ferris Wheel Trust Fall

    A steel-strung guitar and a sitar are the two main instruments on this track. This is one of the more melancholy tracks on the album, and is about visiting a fairground with a girlfriend.

  6. Trophies for Chipmunks

    This is a more standard Foibles track, with two seperate vocal parts, both slightly manic.

The record sleeve is in colour, with a 1970s photograph of Phil's parents on a golf cart on the front, and some particularly neat crayonning on the back. It includes a free poem:

Free Poem:
dear last week
i miss you
please send money

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