A comic book character, owned and published by DC Comics. He is former Gotham City district attorney Harvey Dent--and a current enemy of Batman. After a criminal scarred one side of his face with acid, he became obsessed with duality and the number "2". He began flipping a two-headed coin (one side defaced) to make moral decisions. If the "good" side came up, he'd do the right thing; if the "bad" side came up, he'd do something evil.

Two-Face is almost literally split into two different people. One half of his face is young and handsome, while the other half is hideously scarred. His clothing follows the same pattern: one half of his suit is fashionable and expensive; the other half is seedy and threadbare.

I think Two-Face has always been my favorite comic book villain. His psychosis makes a strange kind of sense, and he's a brilliantly realized character. I like his sense of style, too. He's the reason I'm constantly on the lookout for two-headed coins and weird bisected suits.

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