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Universities and Colleges Admissions Service - a public body which handles the applications for all higher educational institutions in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

They allow you to apply for up to six courses at different institutions, using a single, fairly simple application form. Exam results from the various examining bodies are passed to UCAS, to enable letters of acceptance or rejection to be sent to applicants automatically.

Those who don't make the grade after their final exams get to enter a process known as Clearing. UCAS publish the courses with places remaining, and applicants phone the institutions direct to get places.

On the whole, the system works; funded by the government, and the £17 or so each applicant pays along with their application form.

Web site: www.ucas.ac.uk

The United Canadian and American States is a fictional North American country in the Shadowrun roleplaying game setting. Seattle (the best documented area in the Shadowrun universe) is a city-state within the UCAS.

The UCAS was formed October 13, 2030 when US President Andrew MacAlister and Canadian Prime Minister Harold Frazier signed a treaty to merge what remained of the USA and Canada. Both nations were smaller after losing much of their land to the Native American Nations in the 2018 Treaty of Denver. This weakening continued in 2029 when a powerful computer virus nearly destroyed the world's economy.

The creation of the UCAS went smoothly despite protests on both sides. By 2062 the UCAS had 31 states and a population of 131 million metahumans.

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