As I am sure most of you are aware there is soon to be an election in the UK. It will be held on Thursday 7th June and it is currently looking extremely likely that Labour will be re-elected. One issue which has gained almost no coverage is Education. I find this very surprising since it is such an important topic. What little debate there is on education focuses on class sizes, not on key issues such as university tuition fees and Labour’s new education initiatives.

The key points of Labour’s new election policies have been:

  • The new A Level system
  • Fees for University Tuition
  • The new incoming GCSE system based on the new failing A Level system
  • Literacy Hour
  • Reduction of class sizes
  • Key Skills at all ages
Labour have also failed to do anything about the shocking state of teacher’s pay and the huge void in the teaching profession. If anything they have made it worse with their new “initiatives”. I have heard numerous teachers condemning Labour’s policies, one of whom was a prestigous headmaster:
David Blunkett is such a well meaning man, it’s a shame he doesn’t realise he is killing education. - Dr Colin Niven

Now I am currently suffereing under the new A Level system, I am shortly to suffer University Tuition fees and I am semi-suffering Key Skills. Of all of Labour’s new policies the only real success has been the literacy hour.

Labour are currently destroying education and teaching in the UK. It needs to stop, I’m not suggesting you vote conservative, I’m not stupid or crazy, but this needs to be raised as a major issue for the election.

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