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Below is some usefull (useless??) information on the USS Orlando.

The USS Orlando began its illustrious life as the USS Orlando (PG-209) but in April of 1943 it was changed to the USS Orlando (PF-99). The Orlando was built by the American Shipbuilding Company on August 2, 1943. The ship was sponsored by Mrs. Harold Johnson and was launched December 1, 1943. On November 15, 1944, the USS Orlando was commissioned. It began under the leadership of James Hyslop, commander of the USS Orlando. Of course, the USS Orlando was named after the central Florida city by the same name.

The USS Orlando has made visits to Bermuda, the Hampton Roads, and Algeria. The USS Orlando did many escorts in its life. It mainly escorted large ship convoys accross the Atlantic Ocean. On July 5, 1945, the USS Orlando left for New York to be changed into a weather ship. The ship left New York August 10 of the same year. It was headed towards the Panama Canal, and on its voyage, the Pacific front of World War 2 had ended. Until October 25, the ship was stationed at a weather staion. The ship was decommissioned on June 27, 1946 in Seattle. The ship was sold for scraps on November 10, 1947 to the Zidell Ship Dismantling Company, and that is how its life came to an end.

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