This was originally a parody of a late night compilation CD commercial, part of Bud Light's campaign in Canada, centered around the fictitious 'Bud Light Institute - Men helping men help men', to help the guys cope with relationships with their significant others.

This ad, premiered in Canada during the 2002 Super Bowl, was such a hit that people started inquiring about actually buying the album. They quickly caught on and recalled the musicians to cut a whole album. Surf to to order your free* copy.

Track list:

  • You Didn't Have To (Get Me That Beer)
  • You Said It Was Okay To Go To The Game(I Should Have Known It Wasn't)
  • It Takes A Special Kind Of Woman To Make Sandwiches For The Guys
  • Our Relationship Is Getting Stronger With Every Golf Game That I Play
  • You're Beautiful (Can I Go Up North This Weekend?)
  • I Love You Dearly Because You Let Me Go Out With My Friends On A Weekly Basis
* Shipping and Handling not included. Must be legal drinking age. No purchase necessary. Quantities limited.

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