Trusting someone may not be easy, but when it comes to a serious relationship, trust must be observed between both partners. I offer two items for my argument.

It so happens that in the early years of my marriage, my wife was not faithful to me. It was a very bad situation, and I was not totally blameless. We discussed divorce, but we had a daughter. I was the product of a broken home, and I did not want my kids to have a weekend Daddy. After much soul-searching, my wife and I decided to stay married and work on our problems. Ten years later, things are much improved. Our marriage is strong, probably stronger than it could have been had the initial difficulties not surfaced.

In order for my marriage to continue, I had to make the tough decision to trust her again. It was difficult, and at times I was not totally convincing myself that I had complete trust in her, but if we were to survive as a couple, I had to learn to trust completely again.

Without trust there is no relationship, just some great sex.

A pal was talking to me, and (s)he said that if they asked, their significant other would do anything for them, including giving up something important. Trust comes with a responsibility. Trust includes knowing that you could ask someone for something that is vitally important to them, and then not asking for it. A relationship is based on mutual respect and protection. You wouldn't ask your SO to get a tattoo of Ray Charles (your favorite singer) on their back. You could ask, and they might do it for you, but you need to make the distinction that it would not be in their best interest.

Trust in yourself to trust your better half. Sometimes it does not work, and it's better to find out sooner than later. When it does work, you have a lifetime of commitment to share.

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