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mission drive within everything
to educate ourselves on subjects that are not readily available
cook & bake from scratch
Marseilles Unit School Dist. #155, I.V.C.C college near Starved Rock State Park & Grand Bear Lodge near Utica, IL. which holds an annual Burgoo then onto IBM School and then I got all tired of this plastic and metal contraption
Be careful who you betray in your life, you never know who will take your teeth out when you go to bed at night.
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I've been a tropical fish hobbyist for over 3 decades now and write reviews for a local fish club in Chicago, IL.on subjects of tropical fish and at times live aquarium plants and equiptment. I've 8 aquariums and a portable 40 gallon pond that the Briarcub and I sit along side in the summer while smoking RLP-6 in his Ardor pipe and in mine Lane 1Q or another aromatic tobacco.

Everything I share on this website was written by me or shared by a fellow hobbyist with their permission for you to enjoy.

Writers cramp: I'm not here to make friends or any other sort so please do not catch my fall if i should stumble. The Sun on my back is louded than any drum beats.