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is the central figure of three books written by Russell Stannard called

The Time and Space of Uncle Albert

Black Holes and Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest

The central plot of these books all revolve around Uncle Albert's niece Gedanken who is able to go into the mysterious thought bubbles that Uncle Albert can form when he thinks very hard. Within these alternate worlds where physics of both the very large and the very small can be explored with ease; Gedanken reconstructs the thoughts of the world's epic minds in a logical fashion, a style of writing that allows the reader to feel that they themselves have made these discoveries.

Every cornerstone of modern physics is covered within this trilogy, with advanced subjects being related to everyday situations with such vivid imagery that becomes impossible to forget.

Aimed at the 11-13 year old market, these books provide a qualitive understanding of the issues involved that surpasses most undergraduates.

If you have any interest in physics, or you have tried to read a coffee table book such as a brief history of time, or if you find any of the topics covered hard to remember from a dry physics textbook, then I would heartily recommend reading these - I'm sure you can get it in plain covers somewhere

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