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Do you love mitzvahs, boys and girls?

Uncle Moishe is an embarressingly untalented yet deeply loved childrens' performer. His songs generally extoll Jewish children to perform the mitzvahs, at least as these are interpreted by a small and stagnant population of bearded, black hatted Rabbis. This is indoctrination, to be sure, but at least its cheerful and direct, i.e.
Give a little tzadaka (charity)!
Give a litte tzadaka!
(Kosher food is) good for me
And it's good for you
And what do you know?
Hashem (God) loves it too
Along with his sometime band, The Mitzvah Men, Uncle Moishe has released tens of albums for over 20 years, writing songs which are swamped in cheesy keyboards and "ay-yai-yai" refrains, but which are often genuinely catchy nonetheless. Uncle Moishe himself is a middle-aged, rotund, and bearded minor celebrity and children's rock star, who appears on stage wearing a black hat with a cardboard Mem, that is, the Hebrew letter approximating the English M, crudely taped onto it.

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