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This 1994 album was DMB's major-label debut (with RCA). RCA backreleased Remember Two Things and Recently in 1997 after DMB was a proven national success.

Track List:

As a sidelight, the instrumental #34 is actually track 34 on the disc. Tracks 12-33 are empty tracks lasting less than a second each. Although some might consider it truth in advertising, I thought it was highly annoying, and I'm glad they didn't continue the practice further.
Dave Matthews Band's first studio album, released by RCA Records. A late spring/summer album, unquestionably. The title is a line from the song Ants Marching.

There are two versions that I have seen: the original issue of the CD is a plain black disc, which covers a photo of Dave Matthews holding his older sister's child, and reads "In Memory of Anne." Anne was the older sister; she had been murdered by her husband. Later editions of the disc feature a simple blue/pink/purple CD (blended, like the evening clouds on the front cover) and a matching background.

No other album (in my collection, and I have heard many, many other people express the same sentiment) has such wonderful replay potential. This is the kind of album one can set on a loop and leave playing for hours. This is the album that created much of DMB's oldest and most faithful fanbase.

Concerning the empty tracks before #34, the problem comes when one sets their CD player on the shuffle mode. Otherwise, the moment of silence at the end of Pay For What You Get is a beautiful introduction to the haunting #34, which is dedicated to Miguel Valdez.

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