Unglued was the first expansion set for Magic: The Gathering that was not meant as a serious, tournament-oriented set. Instead, it was full of humor, and cards that would force players to do silly thing when using them.

The set was introducted in August 1998. Not only does it have it's own unique symbol, a cracked egg, on the cards, but they have a silver border instead of the black or white borders that are usually found on sets.

The set had a great sense of humor, with cards that were anywhere from silly, to some truly inventive ones, and plenty of jokes made back at the more serious players and the company itself. There are also a lot of in-jokes, referring to other popular cards, and references mocking the storyline. Notable cards are: The B.F.M. - a creature so big, it took two cards to hold it, Blacker Lotus, a more powerful version of the famous Black Lotus that required tearing the card up to use, Chaos Confetti, using the famous legend of the player that tore up his Chaos Orb in a big tournament, Handcuffs, with the flavor text consisting of a character in the game's storyline saying "That was fun! Now me.", and Timmy, Power Gamer, making fun of all the little kids playing Magic with the goal of getting a creature of enormous size into the game.

The set also had special lands included in it, that were tournament legal, and a few cards printed to use as "tokens" - as some cards elsewhere use tokens to represent creatures that are generated.

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