A semi-religion set up in California with a primary belief in freedom of religion. Basically they exsist to allow people to practice their beliefs without fighting court battles to make it legal. The ULC already took care of them. Anyone can become a reverend and very much legally marry people.

You can sign up as a reverend on their web page. I did a couple years ago. I used to jokingly call myself the Reverend Rob on my home page, but there were too many idiots out there who though I was a real live preacher man, so I took it off.

I joined the ULC myself. They seem to keep themselves going by selling 'prayer kits', 'reverend on call' badges for your car (I suppose so that you are less likely to get a ticket for parking illegally), and other slightly dubious parephenalia.

However, I rather like their credos, embodying as it does the two concepts of 'good' and 'not getting into trouble':

'You should do what you feel is right, as long as it is not against the law'

As far as I can tell this is their only 'commandment'. As religions go, they get maximum points for being concise.

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