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The University of East Anglia, (UEA), located in Norwich, England, was established in 1963. It has a student population of 12500 students (1500 of which come from abroad) and 2000 staff.

The university motto is "Do Different". I think that it would be better phrased "Do differently", or at least "Do different things". Whatever.

Designed by architects Sir Denys Lasdun, Rick Mather and Norman Foster, it was built on a municipal golf course, and one can still see parts of the fairways in the university grounds.

The university has raised walkways, and other interesting architectural peculiarities, such as the "Teaching Wall", a central square, and multiple ziggurats of the Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace.

The university is particular for its region, having courses in Environmental Sciences, Development Studies, and World Art Studies. Here, one finds the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Also, it is ranked as the 8th best university in the United Kingdom for its science programs.

Catchpole says one of the best known features of UEA is the creative writing course, set up by Malcolm Bradbury. Angela Carter also taught that course.

A recent addition to the university was the sportspark, which includes a 50m swimming pool, and a human performance laboratory.

Significant Alumni
Jenny Abramsky
Benedict Allen
Tim Bentinck
Jack Davenport
Charlie Higson
Kazuo Ishiguro
Ian McEwan
Selina Scott
Arthur Smith
Penny Tranter
Rose Tremain
Paul Whitehouse

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