The largest of the two Universities in Leeds England, with around 24,000 students. The majority of buildings are situated on one large campus just north of the city centre.

Almost all first-year undergraduates live in university houses or flats, scattered up Otley Road between the campus and the most distant accomodation, Bodington, about four miles away. Most people move into shared houses after their first year, and the majority of these are in Hyde Park and Headingley.

Most traditional honours degree courses I can think of are offered at the university. For example, my house mates and I studied:

Full details of courses are available at As a rough guibe to entry requirements, in 1999 I needed the grades BBC (22 UCAS points) in my A-levels to come here, which was about standard for most courses (except of course Medicine, Law etc). Entrance requirements are changed now because of the new AS Level system, but can generally be considered slightly higher due to the increased popularity of Leeds as a student destination.

In recent years the student union underwent heavy reconstruction, now contains about half a dozen bars and a respectable new club/concert venue. The main drinking establishment is called The Old Bar, but this dingy dark drinking hole has been outstripped in popularity by the sunnier Terrace Bar.

Some things I've heard about Leeds University which may or may not be true:

And one thing I heard which is definitely false:

*Travelling anywhere in Leeds without getting wet is no mean feat! In Britain it rains.

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