The home of the new McNamara Alumni Center/University of Minnesota Gateway (or the ass-ugly copper building for the locals), as well as about 1000 other structures in total on the East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul campuses, not counting the University of Minnesota, Morris, Duluth, Crookston, or any of the 30 stations, or smaller units around the state. (This includes the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, several greenhouses, several research stations, and an observatory North of Stillwater.)

The Gateway Building will be the central entrance to campus. Admissions will move here, the Regent's offices will be moved here, and several other campus organizations are already located here.

The building is covered in copper, which, thanks to the brilliant lowest-bidder who built the thing, cellular phones do not work inside. The Gateway Building is located behind the University Aquatic Center, in Stadium Village. More will be added on the U of M, Twin Cities Campus as I get more free time at work.

Tunnels, and lots of them. The whole campus is riddled with tunnels. And a good thing too, it's COLD there. Every one scurries around in tunnels above and below ground to get everywhere. Unlike most schools U of M students can truly feel as one with their mascot, the gopher. There is one building on campus which houses the book store that is completely underground. There are a row of windows looking down on to the students in line, and a set of doors. That’s it.

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