It's basically your typical large, public university. About 25,000 students, 62% female (woohoo!), cheap tuition your basic majors, whatever... I go primarily because it's close & they gave me a full scholarship. However, I'll probably end up somewhere else to study Cognitive Science. Probably Indiana University.

Like Starrynight says, we tolerate it. It's like that rusted-out old car that your dad or your Uncle Jimmy gave you. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I suppose GreySoul is correct about the women here, to an extent, at least in my limited experience. Either that, or sincere, intelligent, decent-looking women are simply hard to come by ANYWHERE.

Ok, just to piss on all the people who talk shit about UNM:
I go to UNM and I love it. I grew up in Hawaii (I was born in abq tho). I am currently a Photography major after becoming disgusted by their pitiful Computer Science program.
I suppose it's all for the better tho, UNM offers one of the highest ranked Photo programs in the country public or private. I can understand why people would dislike UNM, but not because of the school its self.

I have some MAJOR issues with things related to UNM however. Where to begin?
I notice 7Ghent and starrynight have said something about the female population at UNM. Just because there are more women than men does not mean this is a good thing. From my experiance most of the women at UNM are very arrogant and tend to fight over the frat boys. Either that or they all got pregnant when they were 13 or 14 and married the first dad they could get their hands on. This is not to say that all women at UNM are like this. Some of them are lesbians.
No...really.... I try to keep a positive outlook on things, but honestly with 62% female you'd think a smart nice computer / art geek with long hair could find something...yeah yeah poor me anyways...

So the people kinda suck. The campus is beautiful it's one of the biggest college campuseseses I have ever seen, and it's so well laid out. The duck pond, the student union building (currently being rebuilt), and just all the wide open spaces. I don't really know what to say. The staff is great, most of the people (disreguard the rant above) are great and friendly (when not busy being stuck up). We have a great computer list goes on and on...popejoy, the bookstore, The Frontier, center of the universe, and well... _THE_ highest ranking ER training center in the country. (UNMH is the best puncture wound trauma center in the united states)...
And last but not least, that which makes UNM better than anywhere else: it's right here.


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