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Unreal Championship (2002)
Format: Video Game exclusively for the Xbox Home Console
Tagline: "Second place is dead last!"
Media: DVD-Rom
Players: 1-4 on one system, 1-16 on X-box Live.
Supports: Voice, Online Multiplayer, Scoreboards, Xbox System link, Friends, Content Download, Widescreen.
Produced by: Epic Megagames and atari.
Release Date: 11/15/2002
ESRB Rating: M Mature for blood, gore, and violence

Unreal Championship is the newest game in the Unreal Tournament series, and the first on the Xbox System. The game is your basic FPS (first Person Shooter) set in a futuristic gladiator style setting.

Unreal Championship has 5 Game Modes:

    Capture The Flag - Players split into teams (red and blue) and do their best to kill each other and capture the opposing teams flag.
    Domination 2.0 - An updated version of Domination from the original Unreal Tournament your team has to control certain points on the map simultaneously for 12 seconds, if you do, you gain a point. highest points win!
    Bombing run - Simply put, futuristic, lethal, football. One team must grab the ball from the middle of the field and deliver it to their opponent's bombing gate. once the score limit is hit, the team with the highest points wins!

The game also features a bevvy of weapons for everyones taste including:

  • The Shieldgun - Can deflect some shots, and kill opponents in close range.
  • Assault Rifle - your basic gun. moderate fire and grenades.
  • Minigun - Rapid fire chaingun, for "spray and pray" missions.
  • Flak Cannon 3.0 - Shoots out deadly hot shrapnel
  • Lightning Gun - extremely fast, extremely accurate.
  • Rocket Launcher - Shoots rockets. They Explode, Target Dies.
  • Shock Rifle - standard projectile high power weapon.
  • T.A.G Rifle - Paints the target with an electronic signature and nukes it and everything nearby.
  • Ion Cannon - basically another Nuke!
  • Translocator (not really a weapon, more of a transporter)
  • Ball Launcher (again not really a weapon but the ball can be used as one.)
  • Link Gun - Quite interesting. If it is fired at a teammate, their weapon is powered up! Also is a standalone weapon.
  • BioRifle - shoots out globs of toxic sludge.
  • Whew! Thats a lotta weapons! Next, Unreal Championship really shines in its Support for Xbox Live.
    A player may connect through the Xbox Live Software to play opponents across the nation, as if they were right next to them. The headset allows you to chat and taunt your opponents and teammates at will, without any slowdown.
    X-box Live also keeps track of your kills, accuracy and skill rating among all other players, so you always have something to work towards.

    Finally, Unreal Championship also will have new maps, skins, and possibly weapons in the future, that will be downloadable from Xbox Live Via Content Updates, allowing for unlimited replay in the future.

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