Unsolved Mysteries was a television show, which aired from 1988 until 2002. This long lived show was hosted throughout by the coolest robot I know, Robert Stack. It detailed entirely real unsolved cases and unexplained phenomenon, in an attempt to find answers. While many shows have since copied the idea, Unsolved Mysteries never failed to deliver. It treated the material very seriously, being careful and respectful of things as diverse as cold-blooded murders, kidnappings, lost family members, and UFO related phenomenon. The show is now being rerun on the Lifetime cable channel, with careful attention to keeping information up to date. The Unsolved Mystery call center is still open, in case people watching the reruns can help solve a case. In 1997, the show moved to NBC and was retitled The New Unsolved Mysteries.

Update: Thanks to a viewer call... no... wait. The Lifetime Network has taken up with my favorite robot to produce new episodes of the show. They began airing in the summer of 2001.

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