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Dissonant indierock three piece from Olympia, Washington in the vein of Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead. Current lineup is Justin Trosper on guitar, Vern Rumsey on bass, and Sara Lund on drums. The first three singles and the Fake Train album had Brandt Sandeno on drums. (Note: Brandt has been playing keyboards and pianos on the last Unwound tour in support of their new album -- I can't say whether he has rejoined the band or is just providing tour support.)

An amazingly tight band who have struggled to recapture the intensity of their early material. Fake Train and the New Plastic Ideas LP in particular stand out as dissonant drone rock classics, though NPI has a more typical sound for the band than the earlier Fake Train.

The self-titled album released on Honey Bear/PNMV was actually the first recorded album, though it was their fourth LP release. The Further Listening LP is a Japan/Europe-only compilation of material from pre-Challenge albums. A new album is slated for mid-2001.

Justin and original drummer Brant are also in a noise/synthpop band, The Replikants (though there seem to be several groups performing under that name these days). Vern also plays many instruments in Long Hind Legs and has appeared on at least on Blonde Redhead album. He also ran (until late 2000) the Punk In My Virtamins record label.


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