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Update your drivers!

And I mean it!

More often than not, the drivers that were shipped with your hardware were outdated the day you bought them. Many people seem to think that if their hardware or games aren't functioning properly, there's nothing they can do about it.


There's actually a lot you can do, but the most obvious choice is to update your drivers. Based on personal experience, 9 out of 10 game-related problems may be solved simply by updating one's Display drivers.

Even if you don't play games, updating your drivers is The Right Thing To Do. Certainly it has never harmed anybody, and it might just correct that annoying problem you have spent countless hours cursing.

Then how should one proceed to update their drivers? Easy, just go to the manufacturer's homepage, and click a button that seems appropriate. Usually the device drivers may be found under the title "Support Center", "Customer Support" or something similar.

One other thing; READ THE DOCUMENTATION!!! You can do much harm by messing around, trying to prove that a hot technophile such as yourself doesn't need any freaking manuals to install a simple driver. If you don't read the instructions and end up messing your entire system, it's no use creating a node that describes in hair-raising detail why one shouldn't update their drivers. That would be Really Lame!

I'm only writing this because I'm the guy people useally call when stuff doesn't work, and I'll have go all the way to their houses to install a simple driver update anyone could have done themselves. After a while it gets REALLY boring! So before you call your local techie, please update your drivers and see if it works.

Thank You

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