Up"roar (?), n. [D. oproer; akin to G. aufruhr, Dan. opror, Sw. uppror; D. op up + roeren to stir; akin to AS. hrran to stir, hrr stirring, active, G. ruhren to stir, OHG. ruoren, Icel. hraera, Dan. rore, Sw. rora. Cf. Rearmouse.] [In verse, sometimes accented on the second syllable.]

Great tumult; violent disturbance and noise; noisy confusion; bustle and clamor.

But the Jews which believed not, . . . set all the city on an uproar. Acts xvii. 5.


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Up*roar" (?), v. t.

To throw into uproar or confusion.

[Obs.] "Uproar the universal peace."



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Up*roar", v. i.

To make an uproar.




© Webster 1913.

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