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Witchiepoo, Lee and I, hanging out at a greasy spoon diner. Three girls, all with black eyeliner and tight fucking pants. Two cups of coffee and a cup of tea. Red, red lipstick and the crumpled remains of their Benson & Hedges in the ashtray.

"Did you see that guy? He was looking at you."
"No, I think he was looking at you."
"Look, those are cops over there."

Skinny legs, thin lipped stares. Glares. James Brown on the jukebox.

I am whip thin, taut, child and sex. Virginal trash. I want to be just like Lee. Lee has always had a boyfriend - if she wanted one. I want to be someone's girlfriend, his little tart. I want to be the kind of woman who wears lacy ankle socks with patent leather high heels. I want to be the librarian who takes down her bun and shows you that there's nothing underneath her blazer. I want to talk about sex like it bores me, snapping my Wrigley's spearmint and staring holes into some dark looking man I've never met while I talk about it.

Lee Stories

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