In some areas of Quebec the F-word, (i.e. fuck) has become part of the french language thanks to the verb 'fucker' (pronounced 'fuck-ay'). Conjugated like any common 'er' verb, though rarely written down, the definition is basically "really messed up" and has little to do with the sexual act. Though it is not considered proper, the word is not considered a true swear word since most Quebec french curses are based on Catholic church lingo ('tabernac' comes to mind). Sexual swears only work in cultures with puritanism in their past.

Example usage:

  • It's all fucked up; C'est tout fucké.
  • Don't fuck with my mom; Fuck pas 'vec ma mere!

Note that this word sounds almost the same as the Quebec french word 'phoque', meaning 'seal'. French kids aren't bothered by this, but you really should see the rash of giggling produced when a primary school french teacher tries to teach english kids the song "Le P'tit Phoque".

'Fuck' and 'fucking' are also used as a placeholder word like 'um', 'eh' or 'huh'. Some english teenagers use it the same way, drawing out the 'i' sound in 'fucking' as some people draw out the 'm' sound in 'um'.

Example usage:

  • There were some cops by the convenience store and, ummm, they were hasslin' me.

    Y'avait des flics chez le dépanneur puis, fuckiiiin', y sont me gené.

I also noticed this while I was staying with a French Canadian family in Montreal for a few days as part of a school trip. Although they spoke nearly perfect English, I couldn't believe how much they said fuck. One of the sons in the family even used fuck as people use "like" in English. For example:

He was, like, gonna go out and, like, hang out.

He was, fuck, gonna go out and, fuck, hang out.

The girl from my school who was staying with me at the family's house was of a somewhat conservative upbringing (I've never heard her 'curse', that's for sure) and was definitely a little flustered.

It is not that much of Québec thing, in fact, but much more prominent with the Montréal youth. Recently, I have met a Saguenay (some country region) teen and he was appalled by the use of fuck in our Montréal lingo. I guess it has to do with the non-existence of anglophones in the country.

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