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If you get the chance to visit Thailand, here's some useful phrases.

  • Yes - Chái

  • No - Mâi chái

  • How are you? - Pen yangai?

  • Excuse me - Khãw thôht

  • Please - Karuna

  • When? - Mêu-arai?

  • Today - Wan nií

  • Tomorrow - Phrûng nií

  • How much? - Thâo rai?

  • I do not understand. - Mâi Khâo jai (pronounced My Cow Jai)

    Some phrases depend on if you are a woman or a man. If you are a man, you add the work Krup. If you are a woman, you add the word Kha.

  • Thank you (man speaking) - Khàp khun Krup

  • Thank you (woman speaking) Khàp khun Kha

  • No, thank you - Mâi ao khàp khun _____ (Krup or Kha)

  • Hello (man speaking) - Sawàt dii Krup (sounds like Saw a D-Cup, that's how I remembered this one)

  • Hello (woman speaking) - Sawàt dii Kha

  • I'm fine - Sabàay dii _____ (Krup or Kha)

    It took some time to remember that some phrases require you to say Krup (since I'm male). This addition is like saying:

  • Hello (I am a man)

  • Thank you (I am a man)

    You would think that the person you are talking to could see if you're a man or woman, but Thailand has a whole industry in transvestites. There is a show in Pattaya that has an all-male dancing/singing show, and you could not tell the difference unless they were nekkid. They pride themselves on this, and the revue is world-famous.

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