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Using Hyperterminal to configure a Cisco 67x series DSL modem/router

This writeup will take you through the steps to get into a 67x modem/router in order to configure it. Configuring it is an entirely different writeup... =)

This writeup assumes you have:

1) a Cisco 675 or 678 router
2) The provided management cable
3) A PC running Windows 9x
4) Hyperterminal Installed

How to get in:

1) Go to Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications
2) Click "Hyperterminal"
3) When Hyperterminal loads, it will ask for a name for the connection. Enter DSL and click OK
4) Change the Pop-up labeled "Connect Using" to "Direct to COM1", then click OK
5) Change "Bits Per Second" to 38400
6) Change "Flow Control" to "None", then click OK.
7) Press the Enter Key once.
8) Enter your exec password, if you have one set. If not, just press enter. If you don't have one set, just press enter.
9) You should see a "CBOS>" prompt. Type "enable" and press enter.
10) It will ask for another password, just press enter.
11) At this point you should be presented with a "CBOS#". You are now able to configure the router.

On other versions of Windows, Hyperterminal may not be installed by default, or could be put in a different folder in the start menu. Once you find it, however, the process should be the same.

Click Here for more info on the Cisco 67x.

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