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Danish nobleman, military officer and alchemist. Born 1616, died 1691.

Valdemar Daa was born into one of the most ancient and noble lineages in Danish nobility, the Daa family - he personally owned the manors Bonderup (Lerchenfeldt) and Borreby.

During the wars with Sweden in 1644 and 1657, Daa served as an officer in the Danish army. Later, he squandered most of his fortune on futile alchemical research. After losing Borreby in 1681, he lived out the remainder of his life in poverty.

In 1859, Hans Christian Andersen published a fairy tale, Vinden fortæller om Valdemar Daae og hans Døttre ("The wind speaks of Valdemar Daa and his daughters"), which was later (1980) set to music (as a recitative piece) by Karsten Vogel.

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