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In Blizzard Entertainment's best-selling real-time strategy game Starcraft, there are only a few known bugs that really, truly detract from gameplay. One of the best-publicized is the sprite bug that inhibits the Valkyrie missile frigate, one of the Terran air units.

When the Valkyrie attacks an enemy unit, the missiles that it uses send off a number of accompanying smoke sprites that shadow the eight individual rockets. When you have a mere two or three Valkyries, the effect is minimal, other than you have an impressive amount of blue trails. However, the Starcraft game engine is only capable of supporting so many sprites at one time- as such, when larger numbers of Valkyries attack at once, there is the distinct possibility that the sheer amount of sprites a Valkyrie squad will cause the engine to reach its maximum output very quickly, causing it to suddenly stop a number of the Valkyries from firing.

For the most part, this bug is only truly noticable when there are three or more players in the game, or when the number of Valkyries in a group numbers more than eight, but it is a significant flaw that severely hampers the use of Valkyries as a whole.

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