Teenage girl from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, especially one who speaks in the Valley Girl patois as heard in the aforementioned Frank Zappa song. Also, one who emulates the speech patterns and behavior of a girl from that area.

I come from Victoria, Australia. I was born and raised in a city called 'Traralgon' which was apart of an area called 'The Latrobe Valley'. The Latrobe Valley is as rural as you get, made up of two small cities (Traralgon and Morwell) several small towns and a helluvalotta tiny farming communities. Anyone living in Victoria knows that a Valley Girl is anything but a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes and bouncing breasts. A valley girl, where I come from, refers to a female with more STDs than teeth who will suck your dick for a cigarette. A lot of them are right wing yobbos whose sole ambition is earning enough money during the week to get pissed on Friday and Saturday. Walking around Morwell on any given afternoon will make the proles out of '1984' seem like well-educated, upper class citizens.

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