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The Definition
Sect \'sekt\ n (ME secte, fr. MF & LL & L; MF, group, sect, fr. LL secta organized ecclesiastical body, fr. L, course of action, way of life, prob. fr. Sectari to pursue, freq. of sequi to follow - more at SUE) (14c) 1a: a dissenting or schismatic religious body; esp: one reguarded as extreme or heretical b: a religious denomination 2 archaic : SEX 1 3 a: a group adhering to a distinctive doctrine or to a leader b: PARTY c: FACTION

What does this have to do with Vampire: The Masquerade?

Within V:tM and the World of Darkness vampires have separated and formed sects. These first came about after the Great Anarch Revolt that took place during the 15th century. Though elders accept membership within these sects grudgingly, they claim that before the Great Anarch Revolt and the Inquisition; sects did not exist at all.

With this said, now the Camarilla and the Sabbat are widely known within vampiric society. Other smaller, secretive sects have been known to wander the streets though do not hold as much power. In addition, these smaller sects are known to side with the Camarilla or the Sabbat in tighter times of the great ,Jyhad.

So what's the point? That's simple to answer in my opinion. In every good story you have the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'. To make the very big long background short, players of V:tM see the Camarilla as the protagonists and the Sabbat as the antagonists. At least that's what I have noticed while learning the ins and outs of the game.

*Note - The Inquisition was/is a church office that has sworn the utter destruction of supernatural creatures such as Vampire's, Werewolf's and the like.

The Camarilla

In this modern day, the Camarilla have gotten the reputation of being the upholders of the Masquerade. Their purpose is to uphold and ensure the Kindred /Kine coexistence, having been founded as such after the Inquisition of the 15th century in attempt to hold the vampire society together. It has been said that the reason the Camarilla hold the Masquerade with such drive and determination, is because they are afraid to embrace what they have truly become.

Even though the sect advertises an all around harmony in their goal of maintaining the Masquerade, there are many hardships within the sect itself. The Camarilla claims that all vampires under any bloodline are welcome. Yet young members of the sect feel neglected when they reach the age of consideration for power, while elders shun the youth, holding onto their power within the ranks.

I personally find the Camarilla hard to play, and even write about in all truth. That, and I am not fond of most of the clans played within this sect. Please keep in mind that this is my opinion and it should not make those whom enjoy playing within this sect to change their minds in any way. Same should be said about the clans.

Speaking of the clans… 'Which of the 13 that do actively participate in the Camarilla?' Should be the question on all your minds at this point. I am getting to that right now. As a side note, I will not be making note of the Antitribu at this time.

Camarilla Clans
- Brujah (It could be argued that most Brujah support the Anarchs, but most take sect placement within the Camarilla.)

- Gangrel (It has been said that most of this clan care little for sect, though the Camarilla have made their rounds in 'recruiting' a fair number to their organization.)

- Malkavian (This clan more so have a understanding with the sect than anything. A lot of numbers reside with the Sabbat as well. All in all when Gehenna arrives, no one is all too sure who the clan will side with.)

- Nosferatu (This might come to a major surprise to most. The Nosferatu clan as a whole belong to the Camarilla. Despite their rather obvious set back of appearance to withhold the Masquerade. Though it is known a good number of the clan side with the Sabbat, the number whom consiter themselves autarkis (of no clan) rank just the same.)

- Toreador (The majority of this 'artistic' and 'cultured' clan reside within the Camarilla. Mainly because this alliance allows them to walk among the Kine whom they love so dear. The more corrupted of this clan however, are known to side with the Sabbat. Indulging in the darker arts of torture and the like.)

- Tremere (This 'Warlock' clan, known for making themselves vampires through the art of magic are more than happy and willing to side with the Camarilla. Because of their power the sect finds them invaluable in keeping their stronghold of the Masquerade.)

- Ventrue (This honorable, regal and highly political clan has been the strongest leadership wise in the Camarilla. Most of the city's Princes are indeed of this clan.)

The Sabbat

The Sabbat run on the twin principles. Loyalty, and freedom. Being a vampire means you're a superior being right? Strong blood, immortality and the ability to stand against almost any foe… so why would any vampire want to blend with those of mortal blood, or any who act like they do? Thus leaving the Camarilla being weak, and in turn making them the Sabbat's forever enemy.

Sabbat members, with the exception of the Lasombra and Tzimisce are all followers of the Sect. Calling themselves Antitribu of their 'parent' clans.

Sabbat Clans

- Lasombra (This clan of shadows are the ruling clan of the Sabbat. Though there are elders that side with the Camarilla, it has been said that this few walk lonely and repetitive nights.)

- Tzimisce (If the Lasombra are the rulers of the Sabbat, then this clan is their right hand man. Very few of this clan claim their right to be Inconnu and next to none side with the Camarilla.)

*Note In a later node I will be writing about the Antitribu. There will be the explanation as to why there are only 2 clans noted in the Sabbat Clans.

The Independents

So, this is one sentence will sum up the Independents. "Why would I want to waste my time, join some group and waste some more of my time trying to tear the other guys throats out?"

The following four clans are more loyal to just that. Their clans. Just as a family would run, these clans serve themselves, before they even start to think of anyone else.

The Independent Clans
- Assamite (Arabic's would be the best way to describe this clan. That, and assassins. Most come from the east, and being with them terror. They as a whole dislike both the Camarilla and the Sabbat in a equal serving of whoopass.)
- Followers of Set (Take a guess of the origins of this clan. If you guessed Egyptian then you could not have been more right. They find both of the known sects to be too idealistic in their ways, and choose to keep their secrets equally from both sides.)
- Giovanni (This clan comes from the land of Venice in Italy. Spawned from a family of merchant princes, they are known to 'keep it in the family' so to speak. Their goal is necromancy and vengeance. They view the sects as governments, and choose to steer clear of both.)
- Ravnos (The clan of tricksters. Most Romani, and come from gypsy familys. These guys trust no one. Not even their own clanmates, unless in trying times. Even then they work together to lie, cheat and steel.)

Like I have said before, and will say again these are clearly my opinions, based off of the games books. These are my words and should not be used as a guide in playing V:tM. Please, buy the materials and read in depth if you are wanting to continue further.

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