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Well, aside from the obvious definition (an undead chicken that pecks out your blood?), Vampire Chicken is also a rather garlicky way to prepare your chicken.


Vampire chicken in your crock pot

You will need:

3 stalks celery (I advise against this. Celery. Yuck.)
3 pounds chicken.
5+ cloves of garlic.
Rosemary, thyme, sage, and/or parsley to taste.
Ground pepper.
Lemon juice.

If you are going to use celery (big mistake), put it in the crock pot first. Next the chicken, sprinkled with whatever spices you decide to use (I like them all). Finally, add the garlic cloves leaving the skin on. Plug in the pot. Leave for about 8 hours. (I love crock pots... Low setting = 8 hours. High setting = 4 hours). Do not serve to vampires!

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