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Vanessa Madeline Angel was born November 10, 1966 in London, England. She became a model/actress at the age of 16 when she was discovered by Eileen Ford. She then relocated to New York City from London to focus on her modeling career. In 1985 she was chosen by John Landis to play a Russian military agent in the movie "Spies Like Us," which starred Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd as two American spies who bungle their way through the movie and end up stopping World War III. This came as a surprise to her as she wasn't expecting the role. She would also star in the Paul McCartney music video for the song of the same name. She studied under Sondra Lee and Frank Casaro at The Actors Studio in New York to work on her acting career. To many, she will always be known as Lisa, the computer generated perfect female/genie on the USA show Weird Science. She has assumed such various roles as a Baywatch Babe, to a hustler in Kingpin, and a bisexual model in the trashy prime-time soap, Melrose Place. She is currently working on the sequel to Baby Geniuses, and will forever be known as one of the best babes on the screen.

Television Appearances:
"Murder, She Wrote" (1984)
"Equalizer, The" (1985)
"Baywatch" (1989)
"Reasonable Doubts" (1991)
"Melrose Place" (1992)
"Time Trax" (1993)
"Veronica's Closet" (1997)
"Stargate SG-1" (1997)
Film Appearances:
"Spies Like Us"(1985)
"Another Chance" (1989)
"King of New York" (1990)
"Killer Instinct" (1991)
"Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot!" (1992)
"Sleep With Me" (1994)
"Cityscrapes" (1994)
"Kingpin" (1996)
"Kissing a Fool" (1998)
"Made Men" (1999)
"Camouflage" (1999)
"Bread and Roses" (2000)
"Enemies of Laughter" (2000)
"G-Men from Hell" (2000)
"Partners" (2000)
"Firetrap" (2001)
"Sabretooth" (2002)
"Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies" (2003)
Made for TV movies:
"The Cover Girl Murders" (1993)
"Lady Boss" (1992)
and, of course,


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