born 3/31/1952. Vanessa's dark, sultry features originate from a mix of Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. Her career blossomed during the Golden Age of Porn when a friend persuaded her to perform in China Doll (1974) for $150. Vanessa liked making porn enough to come back for more, and became famous for expertly-delivered blowjobs and her well-pronounced, slightly oversized pussy. By the mid-1980s, she had decided to end her movie career, mostly due to the emerging AIDS epidemic. Vanessa appeared in many memorable movies, but one of the most entertaining has got to be Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio (1986), a lively Dark Brothers production that claims to be a documentary and purports that Ms. Del Rio is actually from Russia. It's a good rent, and you're bound to be singing the theme song to yourself and your friends in the know.

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