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The Vargr are an alien race in Game Designer`s Workshop's Traveller role-playing game.

History: Uplifted by the Ancients from terran canine stock some 300,000 years ago, the Vargr were used as a servitor race by the Ancients until they destroyed themselves in the conflict that today's researcher call the Final War. Left to their own devices, the Vargr eventually discovered the principle of Jump Drive in -3810 Imperial and spread from their homeworld Lair into the area which today is known as the Vargr Extents. However, no unified Vargr government exists, but several small polities which are in frequent turmoil and upheaval due to the Vargr nature.

Society: The key elements in shaping Vargr societies are very strong centrifugal forces resulting from an emphasis on consensus and informal lines of authority, and an equally strong centripetal force resulting from ingrained family-clan-tribe-nation loyalty. Vargr tend to gravitate towards strong leaders, but are also willing to challenge them, if they show a vital weakness. Like Terran canines, they are pack oriented.

Many Vargr today ply space as pirates and prey on careless traders, indeed many Imperials think "Pirate" when thay see a Vargr. However, as no unified government exists, Vargr corsairs can be found on the Imperial side as well. Some Vargr polities are allied with the Zhodani against the Third Imperium, others are on the Imperial side.

Physiology: A typical Vargr stands 1,6 metres tall and weighs around 60 kilograms. He stands upright, lives off a carnivorous diet and has hands of about the same qualities as a human has, but with long nails which are used as claws in hand-to-hand combat. He has short-haired fur that covers the entire body and his reaction speed is somewhat faster. He has keen eyesight, sharper than most humans, but with a different colour perception, and their sense of smell is excellent due to their ancestry.

This link has more information about the Vargr:

  • http://www.oro.net/~ayersc/traveller_adventure_site_p/vargr_index_p.htm

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