Unfortunately, some vegetarian meals suffer from chickpea-stew-itis, a condition in which not particularly interesting ingredients are combined in a lucklustre way that crushes the spirit and discourages original thinking. A common mode of upgrading a brown gack meal is to just melt some cheese on it. Unfortunately, melting cheese on ratatouille just turns a range of colours into brown gack. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But perhaps some other options might be fun.

As well, it can be difficult for people to have a sense of how one dish might go with another to create a complete meal. For example: "I like rice, I like pizza and I like peanut butter. Uhhhhhh.... This doesn't taste that good." I've posted a number of nodes to address this serious problem. The intention is to provide an overview of a complete meal, describing procedures and ingredients, but without dictating quantities.

These nodes are intended to just be triggers for your inner pompous 5 star chef with a waxed moustache to jump out and say, "Allo, allo! Now wouldan't some wild mush-ruums LIghtlee saut-éed in NORMANdy BUTter wiz a bit of rrroose-maree liven up zat biwl of microwaved rize? AH! We have NO wild mush-ruums! ZOOT ALORS! So perhaps next tahm you do ze SHOPpeeng you maybe buy at LEast some CREmini, henh? Okay. Let's see what we do have..." And to just have more fun with food. Substitute whatever you want. Work with what you have. Try new things, new ingredients.

The first was "A Vegetarian Meal That Isn't Just Brown Gack". I have hundreds of these things and they have been "tested" on hundreds of people, none of whom died, most of whom raved, some of whom tried the menus at home with some success. So when I posted the next it was called "Another Vegetarian..." And the next "Another Another..." Ack! So, in order to keep going and without getting into titling nodes "Another Another Another Another Another Vegetarian Meal That Isn't Just Brown Gack", this metanode will set the tone for the various newer nodes and I can call them whatever makes sense.

Some other relevant nodes will also appear here, though not those on sushi and so on.

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