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The Hives second (I think) album, about May 2000. In this album they blend sixties pop groove with raw punk energy, similar to that of The Strokes. A lot of the tracks (specifically Hate to say I told you so and Die, all right) remind me of tracks from Grave Disorder by the Damned in their retro rock(and roll)-ish-ness combined with unstoppable punk vigor. From the opening punch of Declare Guerre Nucleaire the band stays consisantly catchy and loud. Stand out tracks include Hate to say I told you so and Main Offender.

1. 1:39 The Hives - Declare Guerre Nucleaire
2. 2:49 Die, all right
3. 1:57 A get together to tear it apart
4. 2:37 Main offender
5. 2:26 Outsmarted
6. 3:24 Hate to say I told you so
7. 2:08 The Hives - Introduce the metric system
8. 3:16 Find another girl
9. 1:57 Statecontrol
10. 1:40 Inspection wise 1999
11. 2:13 Knock Knock
12. 1:46 Supply and Demand

Update After numerous messages from achtung man I must add that track 13 I can only find on one album at freedb.org. If anyone has this track I would appreciate a /msg :)
Update (quite some time later) NotFabio says in re Veni Vidi Vicious : I believe that some of the foreign releases of the album featured a data track at the end of the CD. If the CD was added to the database by someone from one of the nations affected by the alternate release, then they would write "data track" in their native language, then add it to the database. So there you go :)

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