Vice Magazine is a free, advertising-funded humor magazine based in New York City. Its humor is of the offend-everyone variety, preferring to make light of racial, sexual, and physical issues in our society. Vice prides itself on its trendy, sarcastic wit, promotion of heavy drug use and sexual exploration, and devil-may-care attitude. Most of the advertisements are for expensive, hyper-trendy clothes.

Some examples of typical Vice article topics are dwarves, mentally challenged people, black vs. white competitions, atypical sexual techniques, porn reviews, etc.. There are extensive reviews of new releases in several musical genres, with a focus on Hip-hop. These are complemented by interviews with quasi-famous artists.

Originally called The Montreal Voice, based in Montreal, Vice had been a Canadian staple until their move to the United States in 2000. They dropped the o and the Montreal from their title early on. In 1999 they expanded into clothing retail, with a Vice store in Toronto, followed by stores in NYC, London, and Montreal.

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