Victoria Station is truly one of the most glorious train stations in existence. Named after Queen Victoria (like most Victorian things are) it was founded where the main London canal used to run, before the establishment of the railways made canals obsolete in 19th century Britain.
It is focal point for local, suburban, national, and international travel based dead center in the choking heart of London, which is always a big accomplishment.

Victoria Station is the focal point for many modes of transport:

  • National Rail Network - Victoria Station is the principle point of public transport entry for the 3 million commuters who need to get into London to work from the surrounding vast suburbia and Home Counties and has 24 train platforms. The station also has the advantage of only being 20 minutes away from Clapham Junction - the largest train junction in Europe.
  • Victoria Tube Station - Is the only tube station which brings the Victoria Line and the District and Circle Lines together at one point on the main artery of the capital - the London Underground.
  • Gatwick Express - Whisks you directly to London's second main airport in half and hour. You can even check in your baggage here and not worry about seeing them again till you've arrived abroad. (18/05/04 Way overdue update - because of new terrorism fears luggage check in is no longer possible)
  • Bus Station - Directly outside the train station is a vast bus terminal for many London buses.
  • National Coach Station - A 10 minute direct walk along Buckingham Palace Road and you come to here (there are plans for a direct underground connection from the station). This is the center of Britain's coach network linking the whole of the British Isles and European destinations as far as St Petersburg via the National Express and Eurolines' coach services.

    Victoria Station has a plaza attached to shop and eat in. The traditional part of the building has amazing architecture, I would advise you to stare up and richly appreciate the roof.
    One of the best things about Victoria Station is that almost every weekday various marketing companies hands out free stuff such as new alcoholic drinks, luxury ice cream, free internet cafe time, and soup in the hope they'll attract some of the vast number of people with disposable income who pass through Victoria Station regulary every day.

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