In a futile attempt to stanch the flow of Columbian cocaine into the US, congress has yet again agreed to send more money, more guns, and more soldiers into Columbia. Unfortunately, US troops are getting more and more involved in fighting leftist guerillas and propping up the corrupt Columbian government than their original mission of siezing cocaine and capping drug smugglers.

What began by sending advisors to help the Columbian government plot strategy against the coke cartels expanded into sending US troops along on raids against drug lab, and now has grown to supporting the Columbian military's attempts to put down a rebel movement. The pattern of escalating involvement set in Vietnam is repeating itself.

Anyone who doesn't want to see American troops put into another ill-defined and likely unwinnable guerilla campaign, who doesn't like the idea of fighting dying in a foreign jungle for a war that doesn't need to be fought, would do well to pay attention. As long as there are addicts willing to pay for cocaine, there will be people willing to grow coca, process it into cocaine, and smuggle it into the US. The voters, and Congress (particularly those staunch republicans who tout their service in Vietnam every election year) should carefully consider whether or not they want to be responsible for sending another generation of soldiers to fight and die for a hopeless cause.

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