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Viktor Lazlo - Belgian jazz singer

Most of the time dressed in grand robes by the famous French designers, this female singer was known for her easy-listening music, mostly jazz with pop influences. Viktor Lazlo was predominantly compared to Sade. She was born under the name Sonja, surname unknown, and was discovered by Belgian producer Francis Deprijck.

"One day I met the beautiful and exotic girl Sonja in the nightclub "Le Mirano" in Brussels. She wore a mini-skirt and had really long legs and a beautiful ass. I asked her if the quality of her legs corresponded with that of her vocal abilities. She said fuck off. In the end she finally did do backing vocals for Lou & the Hollywood Bananas. In one take! I was stunned and immediately knew we had to do something together."
Francis Deprijck

Deprijck thought an artist name like Viktor Lazlo would sell more records. Then he asked some songwriters to produce glamorous and jazzy songs and portrayed her in a Casablanca atmosphere for the debut album She. Her name and her slightly androgen appearance provoked suspicions of Viktor being a reversed Boy George.

Multilingual Lazlo recorded in English (for instance Backdoor man, Loser, Last call for an angel and her James Ingram and Vaya Con Dios' Phippe Allaert cooperation Breathless), French (Pleurer des rivières), Italian (Vattene amore), German (Das erste Mal tat's noch Weh, Sie ist 'n ganz besondres Mädchen) and Spanish (Ansiedad). After young Sandra Kim had won the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium, Viktor Lazlo was asked to present the television show from Brussels the year after. Of course she did. In style.

In 1989 Viktor Lazlo moved from Brussels to Paris. It was the end of her career.


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