The most important man in the history of professional wrestling. Son of World (Wide) Wrestling Federation founder Vince McMahon, Sr., Vince took over the company in the late seventies, and through a combination of shrewed buisness sense, cut-throat policies, embracing of the new technology of VHS recording (so that he could ship his product to multiple markets), and incredible luck he turned what had been a stagnant, bloody sideshow that was on the road to going the way of roller derby, into the new industry of sports entertainment. By the eighties, he had made Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and The Ultimate Warrior household names, and was a very, very rich man.

The ninties started out well (with, ironically, Desert Storm), but a slow decline took over the buisness, and despite the creation of new stars such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Diesel, he was unable to achieve the kind of success he had during wrestling's highest point of popular culture saturation a decade before. Enter Eric Bischoff: the former broadcaster takes over the reigns at WCW and hires away nearly all of the WWF's talent for it's NWO angle. Suddenly, after fifteen years of dominance, the WWF is no longer the biggest wrestling promotion in the land. Although Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are still with the WWF, they are being crushed in ratings, live attendance, PPV buy rate, and merchandise sales by the competitor. It seems like Vincent K. McMahon, the man with the Midas touch has finally ran out of luck.

But, in this period of WCW dominance, they make a mistake they will very soon regret. Bischoff fires a worker named Steve Austin. Austin works in ECW for a time, before being hired by the WWF. McMahon finally has the talent he needs to rebuild the WWF and wrestling as a whole.

Again, he reinvents the WWF. He borrows heavily from WCW's stable war style of angles, and makes the WWF more adult by updating the themes and wrestling style, making it almost an high budget mimicry of ECW. Finally, he himself becomes a character, and not the good guy, either, but a super heel; the antithesis of Austin's working man's hero. Very soon, the WWF again rules as king.

Titles Held:
Former WWF Champion.

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