Vishakha with the ebony eyes; Vishakha with the boyish hair.

The first born of an army General, she never introduced me to her father. To me he was just a photo in her living room. Vishakha's mother saw me as a very suitable boy for her daughter, which worked well for Vishakha. She didn't want to get married yet; her mother couldn't wait to play with her grandchildren. So we acted like we are in a dedicated relationship most of the time on Vishakha's insistence.

"She was a difficult child to bring up", her mother told me one evening over the tea while I was waiting for her to return from office. "In the school courtyard, she used to just keep walking by the walls all through the afternoon breaks; round and round. Never played with other children. Her class teacher got concerned and called home. Her father went to the school and watched from the window of the class teacher's office on the third floor from distance as she walked monotonously by the wall. He got very worried; he cried all night".

Vishakha of the broken heart; Vishakha of the hidden pains. Vishakha in the closed shell; Vishakha with the fake smiles.

"Her father was away from home on duty on a non-family station when she was born", her mother confided in me. "The news was sent but was not directly received by him; one of his subordinates received it. The unit was in a lighter mood over something, so they all decided to play a joke on him. They told him that a son is born to him.

"Man from a warrior class, he was extremely happy. He gave a party to everyone at the base that night. The whiskey flew and beer was exhausted. The next day he called home and learnt that he in fact has a daughter. He felt cheated and was upset. Anyone would in his shoes don't you see? Anyone. Even you would".

Vishakha of a cheated father; Vishakha with the angry eyes.

"She learnt this when she was very young; and she believes her father never loved her for what happened, he wanted a son but got a daughter. She's angry with him. You should understand her Rishi, understand her", she finished and so did the tea.

"Its late auntie, maybe she got busy. I'll call her, and maybe stop by again tomorrow", I told her and got up to leave, when Vishakha entered. Vishakha with the office still on her face; Vishakha with the blue jeans and white cotton shirt.

"Heyyy! What brought you here", she asked me, and touched my arm like she always did when she saw me.

"The evening was so good, so breezy and nice, I came to catch you and take a walk with you around someplace. Forget it now; it's getting very dark, I should leave", I told her.

"Aw, you should have called me before you came, I could've come a little early, let me drop you to your car", she said, dropped her bag on the floor and walked with me till the parking.

I told her goodbye and got in my car, she walked back to her home and waved at me before entering the door. No hugs, no kisses.

Vishakha of my dreams; Vishakha by my side; Vishakha at an arms distance; yet so far away, all by her own.


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